Sunday, July 12, 2009

Business for me?!?!

I am thinking of going into business for myself. I currently have no idea of the neccessary documentation and classes needed to start an in home childcare. I am very passionate about this and am researching and thinking of starting this soon. I totally understand that I need CPR and First Aid courses but beyond that I have no idea what to do. I know that I love kids and can work with those from different backgrounds because of previous experience with kids. The only "problem" I have is with my location in Roswell, Ga. This is a business venture running through my head right now. Keep in mind I do have a child of my own so I probably wont be able to take on no more than 3-5 children. Anyone with any advice or ideas or even things I should know from previous experiences PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Working at Home

I was interested in working from home when I gave birth to my son 3 months ago today...At first I was all for leaving him with a caregiver aka grandma or dad or even aunts and uncles :) but after a week or so I couldnt stand to be away from my bundle of joy. It was hard to even go to the store or out to dinner without wondering what he was doing. I just knew I wouldnt be able to take going back to work when the time came so I began my search for work at home jobs and business.
My search was a little challenging because of all the spams and scams that people have set up to take your money. Seeing a special on tv about scams made me even more skeptical about working from home. Now im not a person quick to give out personal information such as credit cards and ssn (thank God) so it was very hard for me to fall into those scams. Luckily I didnt but what I did find was a team of people dedicated to what they do and how they do it. I am really fortunate to find them and hope to assist you with joining us as well. They are really passionate about their work and strive to be the best.
Let me tell you a little about what I do and who I work for. I am an independent marketing executive with an ecosense company. I refer clients and set appointments for the company. This is a "green" company that is promoting a healthier lifestyle for the total person including home and environment.
The training I have received since joining this team is by far the greatest. I didnt receive this much training at my 9-5 honestly.
The start up fee is almost nothing (its actually $1 until July 13th and then $29 after), there is no inventory nor reason to have a home party(unless you actually want to), Free Website, Free Training...what more could I have asked for with no income coming in and the chance to make residual income. I just want to assist you as they have done and continue to do for me. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I dont regret it at all....just comment here, check the website at or email me the questions below to I do hope that you take the opportunity to learn more and take advantage of this. Just set an appointment to get more indepth information!!! What is there to lose in receiving additional information???!!!???!!!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

History if the 4th of July

Although we as a people celebrate July 4 as independence day, "we" as African Americans were still not truly free. Now this blog is not used to cause any controversy nor shame. It is just an informative blog that just tells how I feel and the actual truth. I , myself still "celebrate" the 4th by spending time with family and enjoying food, fun, and festivities. Since it is a holiday and all companies are closed to observe, I choose to spend that time with my family and close friends. Although we do spend time together and "celebrate" I still know the REAL history of my ancestors true freedom. I do know that it took almost another 100 years before "we" were considered a whole person. Although our "value" has changed no one is truly free.
I do know that July 4 marks the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted declaring the independence of the US from Great Britain. As an African American I do have to take into consideration that slaves werent "set free" until 1863 and not fully set free until 1865. Many of my ancestors still do not know the difference and will continue to be ignorant to the fact that there were still slaves after this declaration was adopted. Each one of us should research and truly understand the things set in place, who they protected, and what "we" had to endure even after these documents were set in place. I just ask us all to do our research and know our history!!!!I myself have been advised and do plan to read Frederick Douglass' speech "What to the slave is the 4th of July?"

The growth of my son (hes 3 months as of July 7, 2009)

I could not have asked God for a greater gift. I love my son so much. Theres is no greater feeling than to see him grow, smile, laugh, talk(well coo), etc. I sometimes sit back and say WOW look at the awesome little life that will be apart of me forever. My number 1 fan no matter what.

This economy that we are apart of

Its so crazy that a job has the right or wherewithall to just let a person go. It seems like the layoff or termination comes at the most inconvenient times in our lives. Theres always a bill or rent due, some unexpected expense, or finance demanding event that comes along at the same time. This blog comes from a real life experience that I, Ashley Randolph-Bennett have had to endure and only God has made survival possible. August of 08 I started an excellent paying job with excellent benefits that helped me obtain a lifestyle fit to my likings. I didnt always like the workings and ways of the company but sometimes we have to endure through things we dont like to get where we are trying to go. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. WOW!! This news was so unexpected that we took 3 pregnancy test (2 at home and 1 at the doctors office). All of which confirmed that our suspicions were true. In 9 months we were going to be parents. Of course there were doubts and things running through our minds (finances, readiness, etc) but we both had jobs that would help support the needs of our lives and the life of our soon to be child. Well each day I worked came with more rewards. I was making incentives and bonuses within my first month or two and OT was around the clock. In November, we learned that a baby boy would be our gift from God. Of course daddy was excited but as time went on and we were trying as hard as we could to prepare we both picked up parttime jobs. Talk about something so overbearing. I was hardly ever home and sometimes even felt sick so I started using leave and taking it easy although I had 2 sit down jobs that didnt put to much strain on my body. I may have seen my home 3-4hrs of the day and that was to sleep. Our baby boy was due April 6, 2009 so March 21, 2009 I left work on maternity leave. Well my son came 8 days late. Everything was in place rent was paid up until July and bills were down to 0. May 18th I was contacted by HR. This conversation was one that has really changed my life totally. I was told if I couldnt "claim" my job that day I had to voluntarily resign. I tried everything I could to get more time because of my choice to nurse my son as well as childcare for him if I was to return to work. Well of course I lost my job and have yet to find once since. I am totally dependent on God at this point in time. I do know that he will work it all out for our good. I have no doubt in my mind that all things will work out. This has been a real trying time for my family. I wouldnt wish this situation on anyone. It has really been a test but I know He will never put more on me than I can bear. I just continue to pray and ask that all who have been praying for me continue to. I know I will come out on top!!!

Why does this happen so often?!?

So I sit up some nights thinking, praying, crying, etc and feel like there is no progress. I know my God is up to something and I am open to receive these blessings in any way, shape or form. It just seems so much happens before you reap the benefits of giving God praise in good and bad times. I know that you reap what you sow which is why I focus on sowing "good seed". Sometimes I may go astray or put work into things not of Him but moreso of man but he never leaves nor faults me for these things. I do know I am built in his image and I see myself growing each day on a path to being more like him. He knows each and everything I am going to do even before I do or when I do it. I am steadfast and waiting on Him to show himself strong because I know this test is just my storm and it surely wont be long. Theres a better life in store for me, my son, and his father. I am not worried that all will fail because I have a great family, a great man by my side, a new business venture, and an even greater God who is always with me regardless of my circumstances. Have you tried him? Have you ever had the desire to even get to know him? If youre in the Atlanta area comment and we can get more insight together if not we could pray and intercede on each others behalf. Just think of the great things that can happen once you get to know a God so awesome!!!

What is your love story????

Have you ever wondered when you will find that one true love? What does it take to find the one for you? When will he/she show themselves to you? What does it take to keep them?
We all focus on goals of our life and things we want to accomplish before we leave this earth. We finish school, get our careers going, take trips and spend so much money we cant count but can never seem to find the one for us. Is it really as hard as we make it seem to find the one that God has made for us or are we too blind to realize when that person has already come. I myself have had a few good men that I realize werent for me. I saw early on that they werent the one that God chose to place in my life although they werent abusive nor caused any hurt or pain. They were there for their season and whatever reason but have come and gone.
There is this one guy whom I truly love and care for although I may have made past mistakes and caused him heartache and pain but I feel he was put in my life for a reason.Yes it was I who caused many problems and almost cause a true friendship to end on bad terms. I know he loves me not just because he has said so but because he has really shown it as years go by. I have really learned many life lessons throughout this relationship and saw that endurance through trials and tribulations shows how strong this bond really is. God blessed us with a child as of April 14, 2009 and I never regret the fact that he came along although neither of us was "ready". I took our gift as a sign that our bond should never be broken and that our relationship was meant to be. We are working on our friendship first and the success of our relationship and the bond we share with our child as well. I feel God has truly blessed me with 2 wonderful men in my life that will love and cherish me forever.
What is your love story?!?!

Whats your opinion on "Going Green"?

Whats the deal with this "going green" fad. Is it something thats just the "it" thing to do for now? Where did this idea even originate?
Its a complicated yet environmentally safe thing to do. It promotes a healthy lifestyle while helping save the environment. Ive decided to try it out myself. I change a lot of the products I use as far as cosmetics, bath and body, and even foods.
When I first decided to take on this new lifestyle I saw how pricey it was to live healthy. I mean a health bar could be $2-3/bar or some drinks could be $2/bottle. Those new products telling you to reuse the bottle or box it came in would cost $5 and $3 per refill which is very costly in the long run. With current layoffs and economical challenges that face us today who could really afford that.
I did find some places with reasonable products but the food would have no taste or need "seasoning" which would cause the caloric intake, etc to go up as if eating "regular" food. I see no purpose in doing this so I decided to go with a new company. Ask me for details or go to the website at I hope you take advantage of the same cost effective products that I did.