Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the season...

...Or is it? I started off December wrapped in the spirit of Christmas and somehow just fell off. With a lot of people around me full of drama and hatred, its hard to keep a smile on your face. When the closest people to you begin to separate themselves from you, you start to wonder what could've caused such animosity in the first place. I've always been a friendly person, yet it seems others can't stand to see you happy.
You get many well wishes when things start going well, then its the down-talk and what was initially well wishes becomes "spite". With so many different attitudes and so-called friends and relatives weighing you down how can you truly have a Merry Christmas. We all have our problems and issues yet we take them out on others that have nothing to do with those issues. It seems one day you have yourself surrounded with the greatest people and the next they're all gone. How can it be a season of love, hope, and giving yet no one is around to participate.
No one wants to isolate themselves from others completely yet everyone isolates themselves from you. Some say you came here alone and you will leave alone so enjoy yourself. I say why not surround yourself with loving people and great friendships to make the days better. I pray for myself, my friends, my relatives, and others to build better and lasting relationships and enjoy this holiday season...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!
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  1. Happy New year!
    Following you from MBC, hope you follow back!