Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time for yourself

Whats the deal with everyone thinking at home moms (or any mom or woman for that matter) dont need a break...We as 24/7/365 mothers need a place where we can all get out, meet up, vent, tell stories, etc. We also need to learn how to take time that we set aside for ourselves and adhere to it. No one knows what we need to fulfill our desires except us. The ones around us will never know unless we voice how we feel and be firm about OUR OWN space and time. We as women have been and will be some of the strongest beings known to man and can withstand test and trials but will "blow a vein" if something isnt done when we want, the way we want, and where we want it. Think of things that interest you and take part in them when the kids are asleep or away at school or even with the other parent or family members.

I take a chance to get a breath of fresh air when my son is asleep or his dad is off work. I also get on CafeMom ( and other websites for at home moms just to chat with those in the same situation or something similar. I absolutely adore going on walks and sitting by the lake but sometimes getting away from "everything" is needed. Take a weekend trip or have a girls night out, or even a date would be a nice, sweet, and simple getaway if there is a sitter of some sort. Not sure if you all have a sitter thats available at anytime needed but it can be quite helpful. Getting away from it all is needed as far as I can see because if the baby crys or coos or sounds like there is some want or need you will be there. There wouldnt be any chance of the spouse, sitter, or family member to calm or soothe your baby because you have adjusted to each cry and longing sound.

Make sure you take the time out for yourself so you may keep your sanity. Try not to refuse any help be it with the kids, help around the house, etc. Be yourself at all times because of the release of added stress from outside sources. Share how you get that "ME' time?!?!?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A misunderstood woman!!!

Women are misunderstood when it comes to all aspects of life. Whos to say we dont know what we want or dont care about anyone other than ourselves. Women are the most caring creatures and often misunderstood because of a change in attitude or way of thinking. A woman shows love and kindness to any and all who crosses her path. There are times when she may be in need but have something that may help or encourage others, and gives it. Any woman, married, single, straight, gay, or bi, all have that one thing in common. It is a woman who shows the most unconditional love, a woman who heals cuts and wounds, a woman who lends an ear to those who want to talk or express feelings, a woman who will give you her last, a woman that can feed and nourish her young or anyone for that matter and a woman who gives birth to man and woman.
Like myself and other misunderstood women, we can withstand the test and trials of life and keep on stepping, we can travel along lifes journey and live on with others holding close and trailing right behind. No one fully understands how and why a woman would love and care for those that dont even reciprocate the same actions.
We as women have come a long way. From not being able to vote, to straightening our hair, moving into the workplace and even running our own businesses, woman have become an evolved being. So much progress has taken place and so much is still left to be conquered. A misunderstood woman sat on a bus in the wrong area in 1955, a misunderstood woman who invented the windshield wiper, a misunderstood woman who helped slaves to freedom, a misunderstood woman who became an astronaut, and a misunderstood woman who wants to work from home and be with her family and others more than not. How can we as women get men, other women and children to UNDERSTAND us? This journey will be long and hard even if we never live to see it take place. WHAT MAKES YOU A MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN?!?!?!?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A contest that I entered

So I saw a contest on the website for Body by Victoria and decided to apply. I just decided I would go for the gold and try to win the contest. Nothing to lose right?!?! Well my ad had to be reviewed and it was actually selected. All I have to do is get the most votes on my response as to why I love my body. What does this have to do with anything??? I need you guys to go vote for me of course:) I could use this trip as a getaway to clear my head of all the rants, raves, and vents that I have been blogging about lol. It is something I feel I deserve as a fulltime mom and loving and caring person. Wow this would be such a relief. I do thank each of you that do vote for me though regardless of whether or not I win!!! It is still greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So Ive had to end my at home biz. I was really motivated and wanted it to succeed but it seems as if everyone that requested information either backed out or fell off the face of the earth. I am truly upset but I know each and every business has to start somewhere but with the limited funds and time because of my 4 month old and school about to start I just cant seem to get it up and running as needed. I am down to my last as far as money goes and cant invest anything anymore. This is so difficult especially when I need money and cant seem to progress my business nor can I even get a job. Ive applied to fast food, dine in restaurants, data entry, etc and no one has called back. I still have faith in God and know that it will start to come together in due time but I know I really need money NOW!!! I know its only a test and im focusing on the matter at hand and attempting to better myself because of it. I dont know if you all are feeling the wrath of such a time as this but I know I serve an awesome God and I will come out on top. I am trying my hardest to be patient (although this is so hard to do) and I know I have a major support system but this has brought on some serious discipline and has enhanced and shorten the amount of patience (if you understand what i mean). Wow guys and dolls I dont wish this on my worst enemy. I do appreciate you listening to me vent at this time. This is the only time I can without having to worry about if the person is listening or not lol. Well goodnight fellow bloggers and followers ttys!!!:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a thought!!

So im sitting here with my son enjoying some time until daddy gets home. I really get a little time to think before the house starts jumping lol. I really am grateful to have such a wonderful family. Sometimes we may not agree but when it all boils down to it we are a team. When it comes to family its all taken seriously as far as decision go. Not to say we dont have fun and enjoy each others company but how do you really get a break from baby and each other on your schedule. It is so hard to take time out for myself or even share love with one another without the constant interruption of hunger, discomfort or some type of other need the other person has. Also how is a plann worked to who gets the most break (lol). We are first time parents and are now fully feeling the difficulties 4 months in. Having a peaceful and happy baby makes it a little easier but when it comes to work I dont think he understands how much of a job it is to watch a child. Although he is easily entertained with toys and other stimulating things the care and being able to get things done is a little more difficult. Maybe my SO doesnt think I know his feeling because im a sahm and he works full time. We are both in school but he may not feel I do as much but taking care of baby, keeping the house in order, running errands and more take a lot more than 8 hrs a day to complete. I need some input from other women in my situation. Feel free to comment without bashing please and thank you:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why is it so hard to find a job?

UGH!!! With all these people crying "Hiring Now!!" why isnt there any hiring going on. Ive been without a job since April, when my son was born, and boy its hard out here. I know its going to take time for me to search and apply and actually be considered but where is the money that I really and truly need. Ive redone my resume, called and emailed, etc but no luck so far. Ive always been the one with so much patience but now that I have a son and not just myself to care for its so hard. I want a stable environment for my son to be taken care of in. I saved so much before my job decided to lay me off but those savings only last so long with the cost of diapers, medicines, healthcare, etc for my son and they have long ago ended. Im not too concerned about where I work right now as long as I make enough for my son and I and it doesnt degrade me or go against my morals. It has come to a time where settling for slightly less than youre worth is the norm. I do still have faith and believe that God will meet my every need and am trying to remain sane its just so difficult to understand why at such a time as this. I do appreciate you for "listening" to me rant and rave!!! I really needed to vent...WOW!!! Anybody hiring for legitimate jobs in the Atlanta area or telework:)