Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day of Love?!?!

Some people get excited each year for this so called day of love. We want gifts, flowers, chocolates, etc not thinking this should be happening everyday and not just one day of the year. And what about those that don't have a significant other?!?! They have to sit through the nonsense as if though being without isn't already hard enough.
We prepare ourselves each year and spend unnecessary amounts of money to satisfy someone we love (or like) to keep the peace. ME? I show my love throughout the year so when this day comes it won't be a pressure thing as to what I am (or am not) getting because we know we already show love each and everyday. Besides my birthday is around the corner and I wouldn't want to mess up that gift right?!?! *wink*
Not to down those that do give gifts but we all should show love and treat each other special each and everyday so we don't fall into making all the companies happy (by spending our hard earned money) instead of our mates. Til next time be safe and love one another unconditionally!!! Peace
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