Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So Ive had to end my at home biz. I was really motivated and wanted it to succeed but it seems as if everyone that requested information either backed out or fell off the face of the earth. I am truly upset but I know each and every business has to start somewhere but with the limited funds and time because of my 4 month old and school about to start I just cant seem to get it up and running as needed. I am down to my last as far as money goes and cant invest anything anymore. This is so difficult especially when I need money and cant seem to progress my business nor can I even get a job. Ive applied to fast food, dine in restaurants, data entry, etc and no one has called back. I still have faith in God and know that it will start to come together in due time but I know I really need money NOW!!! I know its only a test and im focusing on the matter at hand and attempting to better myself because of it. I dont know if you all are feeling the wrath of such a time as this but I know I serve an awesome God and I will come out on top. I am trying my hardest to be patient (although this is so hard to do) and I know I have a major support system but this has brought on some serious discipline and has enhanced and shorten the amount of patience (if you understand what i mean). Wow guys and dolls I dont wish this on my worst enemy. I do appreciate you listening to me vent at this time. This is the only time I can without having to worry about if the person is listening or not lol. Well goodnight fellow bloggers and followers ttys!!!:)


  1. Hello I saw your post on mompack and sent you
    and email. I love your blog. Hope to get to
    know you better


  2. I hear you... it is a tough time to find a job. My husband lost his over 4 months ago. There are no jobs in the car industry right now and really no jobs anywhere that we have found. I don't have the answers - only know that God does not promise us an easy life here and now - and I do not believe that it is God that put us in this position, we (as in people) have created this mess we have our economy and world in right now and we are living the results. God gives us a peace in knowing that these things are not what is ultimately important but that doesn't change the fact that we need jobs... I don't have any answers, I just wanted you to know that I understand and that you are not alone :)