Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A contest that I entered

So I saw a contest on the website for Body by Victoria and decided to apply. I just decided I would go for the gold and try to win the contest. Nothing to lose right?!?! Well my ad had to be reviewed and it was actually selected. All I have to do is get the most votes on my response as to why I love my body. What does this have to do with anything??? I need you guys to go vote for me of course:) I could use this trip as a getaway to clear my head of all the rants, raves, and vents that I have been blogging about lol. It is something I feel I deserve as a fulltime mom and loving and caring person. Wow this would be such a relief. I do thank each of you that do vote for me though regardless of whether or not I win!!! It is still greatly appreciated.


  1. Your off to a good start on blogging. Go and follow other blogs and usually most will follow you back or leave a comment so people will come and check out your blog.

  2. Found you via MBC! I checked out your entry to Body by Victoria and loved what you had to say! Good luck to you! I'm now a follower! :)