Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time for yourself

Whats the deal with everyone thinking at home moms (or any mom or woman for that matter) dont need a break...We as 24/7/365 mothers need a place where we can all get out, meet up, vent, tell stories, etc. We also need to learn how to take time that we set aside for ourselves and adhere to it. No one knows what we need to fulfill our desires except us. The ones around us will never know unless we voice how we feel and be firm about OUR OWN space and time. We as women have been and will be some of the strongest beings known to man and can withstand test and trials but will "blow a vein" if something isnt done when we want, the way we want, and where we want it. Think of things that interest you and take part in them when the kids are asleep or away at school or even with the other parent or family members.

I take a chance to get a breath of fresh air when my son is asleep or his dad is off work. I also get on CafeMom ( and other websites for at home moms just to chat with those in the same situation or something similar. I absolutely adore going on walks and sitting by the lake but sometimes getting away from "everything" is needed. Take a weekend trip or have a girls night out, or even a date would be a nice, sweet, and simple getaway if there is a sitter of some sort. Not sure if you all have a sitter thats available at anytime needed but it can be quite helpful. Getting away from it all is needed as far as I can see because if the baby crys or coos or sounds like there is some want or need you will be there. There wouldnt be any chance of the spouse, sitter, or family member to calm or soothe your baby because you have adjusted to each cry and longing sound.

Make sure you take the time out for yourself so you may keep your sanity. Try not to refuse any help be it with the kids, help around the house, etc. Be yourself at all times because of the release of added stress from outside sources. Share how you get that "ME' time?!?!?!


  1. Popping in from MBC!
    Now follwoing your blog...

    "Me Time" What's that? Lol!
    I'd love to be able to schedule in some me time. I'll definitely have to work on that. I'm married, mom of four, work full time, started a small business, thinking about going back to school...
    Hmmm! Boy do I need some me time...
    I think I'm going to start taking yoga again on Saturday mornings, I love yoga!

  2. So true! We so need time for ourselves. It is just SO hard to come by! Umm - unless you wake up in the middle of the night for some! Ugh!

  3. I am visiting from MBC and am now following!

  4. YEs! that's IMPORTANT!

    Loving your blog! Stopping by from MBC (even though I'm not a mom, so I hope they don't kick me out) to say hello! You have an adorable blog :) I'm a Future Baby Makin' Machine, trying to prepare to become a mommy! Hope you'll share your wisdom with me!