Saturday, July 4, 2009

What is your love story????

Have you ever wondered when you will find that one true love? What does it take to find the one for you? When will he/she show themselves to you? What does it take to keep them?
We all focus on goals of our life and things we want to accomplish before we leave this earth. We finish school, get our careers going, take trips and spend so much money we cant count but can never seem to find the one for us. Is it really as hard as we make it seem to find the one that God has made for us or are we too blind to realize when that person has already come. I myself have had a few good men that I realize werent for me. I saw early on that they werent the one that God chose to place in my life although they werent abusive nor caused any hurt or pain. They were there for their season and whatever reason but have come and gone.
There is this one guy whom I truly love and care for although I may have made past mistakes and caused him heartache and pain but I feel he was put in my life for a reason.Yes it was I who caused many problems and almost cause a true friendship to end on bad terms. I know he loves me not just because he has said so but because he has really shown it as years go by. I have really learned many life lessons throughout this relationship and saw that endurance through trials and tribulations shows how strong this bond really is. God blessed us with a child as of April 14, 2009 and I never regret the fact that he came along although neither of us was "ready". I took our gift as a sign that our bond should never be broken and that our relationship was meant to be. We are working on our friendship first and the success of our relationship and the bond we share with our child as well. I feel God has truly blessed me with 2 wonderful men in my life that will love and cherish me forever.
What is your love story?!?!

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