Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why does this happen so often?!?

So I sit up some nights thinking, praying, crying, etc and feel like there is no progress. I know my God is up to something and I am open to receive these blessings in any way, shape or form. It just seems so much happens before you reap the benefits of giving God praise in good and bad times. I know that you reap what you sow which is why I focus on sowing "good seed". Sometimes I may go astray or put work into things not of Him but moreso of man but he never leaves nor faults me for these things. I do know I am built in his image and I see myself growing each day on a path to being more like him. He knows each and everything I am going to do even before I do or when I do it. I am steadfast and waiting on Him to show himself strong because I know this test is just my storm and it surely wont be long. Theres a better life in store for me, my son, and his father. I am not worried that all will fail because I have a great family, a great man by my side, a new business venture, and an even greater God who is always with me regardless of my circumstances. Have you tried him? Have you ever had the desire to even get to know him? If youre in the Atlanta area comment and we can get more insight together if not we could pray and intercede on each others behalf. Just think of the great things that can happen once you get to know a God so awesome!!!

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