Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Working at Home

I was interested in working from home when I gave birth to my son 3 months ago today...At first I was all for leaving him with a caregiver aka grandma or dad or even aunts and uncles :) but after a week or so I couldnt stand to be away from my bundle of joy. It was hard to even go to the store or out to dinner without wondering what he was doing. I just knew I wouldnt be able to take going back to work when the time came so I began my search for work at home jobs and business.
My search was a little challenging because of all the spams and scams that people have set up to take your money. Seeing a special on tv about scams made me even more skeptical about working from home. Now im not a person quick to give out personal information such as credit cards and ssn (thank God) so it was very hard for me to fall into those scams. Luckily I didnt but what I did find was a team of people dedicated to what they do and how they do it. I am really fortunate to find them and hope to assist you with joining us as well. They are really passionate about their work and strive to be the best.
Let me tell you a little about what I do and who I work for. I am an independent marketing executive with an ecosense company. I refer clients and set appointments for the company. This is a "green" company that is promoting a healthier lifestyle for the total person including home and environment.
The training I have received since joining this team is by far the greatest. I didnt receive this much training at my 9-5 honestly.
The start up fee is almost nothing (its actually $1 until July 13th and then $29 after), there is no inventory nor reason to have a home party(unless you actually want to), Free Website, Free Training...what more could I have asked for with no income coming in and the chance to make residual income. I just want to assist you as they have done and continue to do for me. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I dont regret it at all....just comment here, check the website at or email me the questions below to I do hope that you take the opportunity to learn more and take advantage of this. Just set an appointment to get more indepth information!!! What is there to lose in receiving additional information???!!!???!!!

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