Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whats your opinion on "Going Green"?

Whats the deal with this "going green" fad. Is it something thats just the "it" thing to do for now? Where did this idea even originate?
Its a complicated yet environmentally safe thing to do. It promotes a healthy lifestyle while helping save the environment. Ive decided to try it out myself. I change a lot of the products I use as far as cosmetics, bath and body, and even foods.
When I first decided to take on this new lifestyle I saw how pricey it was to live healthy. I mean a health bar could be $2-3/bar or some drinks could be $2/bottle. Those new products telling you to reuse the bottle or box it came in would cost $5 and $3 per refill which is very costly in the long run. With current layoffs and economical challenges that face us today who could really afford that.
I did find some places with reasonable products but the food would have no taste or need "seasoning" which would cause the caloric intake, etc to go up as if eating "regular" food. I see no purpose in doing this so I decided to go with a new company. Ask me for details or go to the website at I hope you take advantage of the same cost effective products that I did.


  1. Instead of buying green... I've decided to live responsibly. By taking responsibility for the production of your "things" you're not only reducing your carbon footprint(my herbs aren't shipped cross country) but you also cut out a lot of the nasty chemicals and even save some $.

    I've made my own soap from scratch as a hobby for many years so I don't subject my body, laundry or dishes to the chemical cleansers and it's really cheap(when I don't use the fancy ingredients for the bath soap). I'm not saying this path is for everyone but in 2 hours I can whip up a large batch of soap that lasts 6 months and it's no more dangerous than making a pot of 5 alarm chili.

    If you make real food from ingredients instead of instant food from boxes and cans your grocery bill, sodium intake will drop but the flavour and vitamin intake will raise. With a crock pot you can make amazing gourmet soups & stews by throwing everything in at lunch and ignoring it for a few hours. Paired with fresh baked rolls(freezer dough balls you mixed the week before) your hubby with think you're working like crazy every day.

    My sister cuts my hair in exchange for a loaf or two of cinnamon bread(I was making 2 for my house, doubling the recipe doesn't take any longer).

    These are just some ideas... I'm sure you can come up with many more.

    Buying green products is still buying things. Most people don't need more junk.

    ~ Shannon

  2. that is so understandable...I do see where you are coming from...any interest in sharing that soap

  3. Contact me by email and I'd love to teach you all I know about soaping. Just click my name to get my blogger profile and the link is there.