Saturday, July 4, 2009

History if the 4th of July

Although we as a people celebrate July 4 as independence day, "we" as African Americans were still not truly free. Now this blog is not used to cause any controversy nor shame. It is just an informative blog that just tells how I feel and the actual truth. I , myself still "celebrate" the 4th by spending time with family and enjoying food, fun, and festivities. Since it is a holiday and all companies are closed to observe, I choose to spend that time with my family and close friends. Although we do spend time together and "celebrate" I still know the REAL history of my ancestors true freedom. I do know that it took almost another 100 years before "we" were considered a whole person. Although our "value" has changed no one is truly free.
I do know that July 4 marks the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted declaring the independence of the US from Great Britain. As an African American I do have to take into consideration that slaves werent "set free" until 1863 and not fully set free until 1865. Many of my ancestors still do not know the difference and will continue to be ignorant to the fact that there were still slaves after this declaration was adopted. Each one of us should research and truly understand the things set in place, who they protected, and what "we" had to endure even after these documents were set in place. I just ask us all to do our research and know our history!!!!I myself have been advised and do plan to read Frederick Douglass' speech "What to the slave is the 4th of July?"

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